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Before Adding Your Site

Before adding your site, please read and agree to the following:
  1. Do not submit your site unless you are prepared to link back to Top Prepper Sites (you will get access to special voting links after joining), otherwise there is no point. You can use a text link, the pic provided or even create you own. The link must be displayed on your front page.

  2. You have 24 hours from the time you register your website to place a "VOTE" link back to Top Prepper Websites. If a link does not appear, your entry will be deleted.

  3. Facebook, Youtube and any other sites that will not allow you to add a permanent "VOTE" link back to TPW on your front page are not allowed.

  4. The only sites that are allowed on Top Prepper Sites are preparedness related sites that provide information to the Preparedness Community. There are no exceptions! IP Addresses and URL's can and will be banned.

  5. Do not submit inappropriate, offensive, illegal or unethical web sites, these will be deleted by the administrator without notice.

  6. Do, make sure that you enter your email address correctly, otherwise you will not be able to access your site's member's page (including your statistics, instructions, tips, etc.).

  7. Sites that scrape articles from other preparedness websites or that post articles from other websites without proper attribution will be deleted and banned!

  8. Online stores are not allowed unless the online store has a blog that is updated regularly and provides informational blog posts! The link that is provided below, must be directly pointed to the blog page.

  9. Joining TPW and placing a small text link at the very bottom of your page or on your sidebar, that seems to be hidden, is uncool and not the point of this site. This practice will be seen as just trying to get a link back to your site without effectively participating in the spirit of why this site was created.

  10. Listed sites that have not been updated in more than 3 months can be removed to make room for newer sites.

  11. The size for the banner should be sized to 468x60 pixels.

    Breaking ANY of these rules will result in your site being deleted without warning!

    If you have any questions regarding the above rules, please feel free to email todd.sepulveda [at] prepperwebsite [dot] com.

    We do not share your email address with any third party, and your address will be used only for the purpose of proving you access to the member's page.

Add Your Site

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